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Make a lemon taste like an orange!!

Miracle Fruit Tablets

Our tablets are 100% pure miracle fruit berries. The synsepalum dulcificum aka miracle berry originates from Ghana in West Africa, It changes how your taste buds react to sour, bitter and bland foods.

I can personally vouch for this, I tried a lemon and did not pull a strange face usually associated with sour foods, It tasted sweet!! I liked it so much I ate four lemons that day!!

This is something completely new although it was discovered in 1725 it has been kept a great secret........... Until Now!!, There is currently no legal status for these berries although it is thought they will become widely used in the future.

Although weird and wacky Miraculin aka miracle fruit is very beneficial.

It makes things taste sweet, Diabetics have to limit sugar intake, Miracle fruit makes many foods taste sugar coated.

Cancer patients using the fruit allegedly say it counteracts a metallic taste in the mouth that may be one of the many side effects of chemotherapy.

Useful for diets to trick the mind into thinking your eating sugary products. Enjoying healthier foods with a sweeter taste


Some online shops are selling what appear to be miracle fruit tablets however they are nothing more than sugar tablets, Although appearing cheaper, You get what you pay for. You have been warned!

As seen on Richard and Judy show

A well kept secret has come out!!!!! Miracle berries aka Magic Berry, Miracle Fruit, Miracle Berry, Flavour Berry (Sideroxylon dulcificum / Synsepalum dulcificum) originally from Ghana, West Africa.

When this fantastic magic fruit dissolves on your tongue, it coats your taste buds with a special protein which makes all foods or drinks which are normally sour or bitter, taste sweet!!!!!!!

This fruit makes anything sour taste sweet, it makes bitter taste like chocolate, lemons taste like oranges........


An attempt was made in the 1970s to commercialise the ability of the fruit to turn non-sweet foods into sweet foods without a caloric penalty, but ended in failure in controversial circumstances with accusations that the project was sabotaged and the research burgled by the sugar industry to prevent loss of business caused by a drop in the need for sugar [3]. The FDA has always denied that pressure was put on it by the sugar industry, but refused to release any files on the subject.[4] Similar arguments are noted for FDA's regulation on stevia now labeled as a "dietary supplement" instead of a "sweetener".

Recently, the fruit has become popular in Bacchanalian-like food tasting events, referred to as "flavour tripping parties" by some.[1] The tasters consume sour and bitter foods, such as lemons, radishes, and beer, to experience the taste changes that occur. A blog dedicated to the phenomena of "flavor tripping" describes the miracle fruit "like a candy Willy Wonka would have invented." [5]

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Alex - St Austell - 17/07/08
"This is an incredible product, not only for flavoursum fun but it also has potentials in serious scientific investigation. I'd read about Miracle berries in scientific articles in the past but had never realised its full potential until I saw it appearing recently on popular TV programmes. When I received the berries I couldn't believe how effective it was on changing my taste perception. Brilliant. "

John - Havant - 14/06/2008
This product is fab! I have ordered another 5 box's, Am having a party next weekend to unveil my secret berry!

Laura - Newport - 10/06/2008
To be honest when I saw this on TV I did not believe something like this has only just been uncovered. How wrong could I be!! I took them into the office and cut each tablet in half while we had a "team meeting" Wicked product I wish you the best

Mark - London - 01/06/2008
Excellent customer service, Had an e-mail from the website owner stating the supply was low and that i may have to wait a week, However 2 hours after I received a call saying my package was on its way. The next day it arrived and i am very impressed will definitely be back!!

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Please be carefull when buying miracle fruit online a company has been reported for selling sugar tablets.
Our miracle fruit tablets are 100% Pure and Genuine

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